Gaming can be an and expensive hobby. First you need to buy your console or PC. Your going to need some sort of Television or monitor so you can watch what is going on (it always helps) and then you are expected to cough up even more cash to buy a game to play on your system and don’t get me started about DLC and micro transactions, but…there are loads of great games out there that you can play for free. Thats right for free! Who doesn’t like free things! You name them! Exactly not one person in the world doesn’t like getting things for free.

Hearthestone: Heroes of Warcraft

Have you ever played “Magic the Gathering” its okay we wont tell anyone. This game is really similar but it has the weight and might of Blizzard behind it. Like most card based games this one doesn’t have that terrifyingly awful learning curve that others do. You know what I mean, the items cards, the supporters, how many to put down at a time, when exactly should I stand up and shout Bingo! Very simple to get started on and worth checking out. If Warcraft isn’t your thing you should looking into Pokemon TCG Online. Just as addictive and completely free to play!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

When this game was first release dit wasn’t free to play but it has since seen the errors of its way and is now available for you all to enjoy for the grand total of nothing time 4 which we all know is zero. In game subscriptions are still available if you want to get more in depth with the Sith but you can still play through the game without spending a penny.

Killer Instinct

You can play Killer Instinct for free with one character which is a very new way of thinking if you dont mind me saying. The rest of the characters are available as DLC but you can play as one character to get you started! Quick boot up the PC!