Are you building your first gaming PC? are you brand new to PC gaming and PC building? Feeling like a bit of a noob? Well your are a noob but thats fine. Everyone was a noob at one point. Except me! I’ve always been an expert. I was born with a #00 screwdriver in my hand a a flux capacitor in my back pocket. Thats a fact. My mum has pictures. Anyway I digress. If you are looking to build your first gaming PC but dont know where to start. We have some handy tips here for you. Dont worry everyone loves a noob!


Get the Right Tools for the Job

Sounds simple but make sure you have everything you need to start with and you will save yourself a bit of hassle and shouting in the near future. Take everything out of the packaging first and do a check. Make sure you have everything lines up and ready to go and you wont be making a mad dash to B and Q ten minutes before closing for an allen key.

Use Your Cable Ties

Keep it tidy. When it comes to attaching all your parts and inserting silicon you will be thankful that you used everything at your disposal to tidy up the innards of your new gaming PC.


Power Drive

Don’t feel to bad if you make this mistake but your drives will need power to. SATA connections only transfer data and not power so make sure you hook up your power supplies. I have seen many people trying to boot their new PC up for the first time to be meet with a vast dark pool of nothingness. Scary dark nothingness!

Graphics Cards

You have done everything you need to do. Powered up your Drives, Cleaned out your fan and so forth. Make sure you have installed the drivers for your graphics cards. Without this simple step your CPU and motherboard will have no idea how to communicate with your GPU.